Quality you can feel: How we test our premium yarn

To live up to our high standards, we regularly conduct rigorous quality controls. When it comes to crafting premium Merino shoes and garments, it's essential that we use top-notch yarn. For this reason, we subject our yarn to intensive examinations, focusing specifically on fibre thickness, tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and purity. In this post, we invite you to take a behind-the-scenes look at GIESSWEIN's quality control. You'll learn step by step about the tests our yarn undergoes before being processed into one of our exceptional Merino products.

Step 1: Determining Yarn Weight and Length

As soon as the precious material arrives at our facility, a process of precision and passion begins. First, precisely 100 meters of yarn are wound on our red “hexagon”. Then, the yarn is gently released from the machine and placed on a precision scale. Using our own variation of the Tex system, we calculate the ratio of grams per 100 meters, which provides insights into the yarn's characteristics. The numerical determination of yarn refers to the indication of its thickness, usually expressed as a number representing the weight of the yarn per unit of length. The higher the number (yarn weight in grams per 100 meters), the thicker the yarn. The numerical determination helps us find the right yarn for each specific product, ensuring consistent fabric quality without noticeable deviations.

Step 2: Assessing Yarn Purity

With the help of our Sensoptic thread monitoring device, we can determine the yarn's purity in real-time. This revolutionary device allows us to quickly and precisely identify potential foreign fibres or irregularities. An impressive feature of our thread monitoring device is that the thread continuously runs through it at a steady speed. Meanwhile, images of any anomalies are captured and then thoroughly examined and evaluated by our qualified staff. Our employees have even devised a system to rewind the yarn to its standard form, enabling seamless use in our knitting process.

Step 3: Verifying Tensile Strength

In the next step, the yarn's tensile strength is carefully examined. A single thread is gently clamped and stretched under controlled force until it can no longer withstand the strain. With the assistance of a computer, the behaviour of elongation and the applied force are meticulously recorded. Typically, our yarn withstands an impressive 550 cN (centinewtons), a remarkably high value compared to other yarns. This result indicates extraordinary quality and durability. Our pursuit of top-notch quality and unwavering longevity drives us to explore the boundaries of the textile world and exceed our customers' expectations. Each woven thread is a promise we fulfil with passion and pride.

Step 4: Abrasion and Rub Test

Lastly, our yarn must successfully pass the Martindale abrasion test. This test measures the standardized abrasion resistance of textile materials. A circular test head with a defined weight is pressed against the knitted fabric (made from the respective yarn) under examination. The test head moves in circular motions over the material, rubbing it against a standardized reference surface, in our case, the high-performance WOOLFINITY® knit. This simulates the everyday wear and tear the material may encounter. The number of cycles, known as "tours," is counted until the first hole appears or the fabric is damaged. Typically, our fabric with Merino wool withstands around 100,000 tours. Achieving a passing score of 100,000 Martindale cycles is an indicator of high abrasion resistance, suggesting that the textile material is suitable for demanding applications.

Our Merino shoes and garments are exclusively made from select yarns of the highest quality. But it's not just about striving for excellence; we also care deeply about animal welfare. That's why we use only certified mulesing-free Merino wool in our production. With our products, you can fully enjoy the comfort of Merino fibres while having a clear conscience.

Mulesing-free Merino Wool

Experience the unparalleled comfort of Merino and explore our variety of shoes and garments. Share your personal style with us on Instagram at @giesswein_ and use hashtag #giesswein. Get your favourite Merino pieces and let yourself be enchanted by the quality and softness of this exceptional fibre.

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No to mulesing

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