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Women’s Slippers

Comfortable Women’s Slippers

Our women’s slippers are the perfect house shoe for any season. Made from virgin wool, cotton, or sheepskin they’re perfect for keeping your feet warm during the winter, and cool during the summer. Both breathable and moisture-wicking, with our wool slippers you can put the days of sweaty feet behind you. They are also antibacterial so it’s goodbye to odours too. 

Comfortable and soft you’ll never want to take our slippers off. Whether you’re looking for slipper socks to pad around the house, or outdoor slippers to enjoy your garden we have a pair you’ll love! From slip ons, to pairs with decorative applique there’s a style perfect for everyone. You can treat the whole family to a pair with our men’s slipper collection too.


About Giesswein Slippers

Our slippers story began way back in 1974 in our Grandma’s living room. Since then, our range has grown massively and become one of our best sellers. Over time, this process has evolved and we are delighted to work with greener initiatives.