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Womens Slippers

Comfortable Women’s Slippers

Our women’s slippers are the perfect house shoe for any season. Made from virgin wool, cotton, or sheepskin they’re perfect for keeping your feet warm during the winter, and cool during the summer. Both breathable and moisture-wicking, with our wool slippers you can put the days of sweaty feet behind you. They are also antibacterial so it’s goodbye to odours too. 

Comfortable and soft you’ll never want to take our slippers off. Whether you’re looking for slipper socks to pad around the house, or outdoor slippers to enjoy your garden - we have a pair you’ll love! From slip-ons, to pairs with decorative applique there’s a style perfect for everyone. You can treat the whole family to a pair with our men’s and children's slipper collection too.


About Giesswein Slippers

Our slippers story began way back in 1974 in our Grandma’s living room. Since then, our range has grown massively and has become one of our best sellers. Over time, this process has evolved and we are delighted to work with greener initiatives.

Women’s Slippers

Virgin Wool & Cotton Women’s Slippers

Crafted from soft virgin wool, cotton and sheepskin, Giesswein’s women’s slippers boast incredible comfort and benefits. With these slippers you’ll be ready to leap out of bed first thing, and itching to get home to slide your feet back into them. And this is why your feet will be longing to step into our women's slippers:

Moisture Wicking - say goodbye to sweaty feet with moisture wicking women’s wool slippers. Experience dry feet all day long!

Washable - day to day wear can leave slippers feeling a little grubby sometimes. Luckily Giesswein’s women’s slippers can be easily machine washed. Whether you’re someone who loves wearing slippers in the kitchen whilst cooking, or using them as outdoor slippers to explore your garden - they can get a little dirty sometimes. Giesswein’s women’s slippers can easily be cleaned in the washing machine.
Breathable - keeping your feet healthy should be a top priority when choosing women’s slippers. Made from naturally breathable materials, our women’s house shoes allow air to flow around your feet - keeping them fresh.
Temperature Regulating - women’s slippers should keep you comfy all year long. With virgin wool your feet will be kept warm during the winter and at a comfortable temperature in the summer months.
Soft - having that barefoot feeling is vital to really enjoy women’s slippers. Both virgin wool and cotton offer a soft, luxurious feel for barefoot slippers.

With each of these benefits you’ll enjoy your wool or cotton women’s slippers the moment you put them on. Giesswein puts sustainability at the heart of everything we do, so you’ll enjoy eco-friendly slippers, knowing no material is going to waste!


Indulge in Comfort at Home

Everyone’s comfort needs look different which is why we have a wide range of women’s slipper designs, with a pair to suit everyone. Each of our slippers utilises a rubber sole that provides a sturdy base, ideal for use in the home and as outdoor slippers.

Cosy up to watch your favourite film in warm women’s slipper socks, that fit snug to your ankles. Or experience next level comfort with every step in women’s arch support slippers. If you really want to indulge your feet into supreme softness, sheepskin slippers are the ultimate choice - perfect for selfcare nights in. Whichever pair you choose, we know you’ll never want to take these women’s slippers off.


Let The Whole Family Experience Slipper Comfort

We are a family-run innovative merino wool brand, specialising in footwear. With our men’s slippers and kids’ slippers the whole family will be able to enjoy themselves in comfort at home. Whilst our women’s trainers are ideal for when you need to leave the house but don’t want to leave that barefoot feeling behind!

About Giesswein Slippers

Our slippers started out in Grandma Giesswein’s living room in 1974. Since then, they have become a massive part of who we are. Today, many pairs are unisex and can be found in our women’s slippers or men's collection too. We also continue to focus on being as sustainable and ethical as possible, priding ourselves in the production of all of our footwear.