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What Are Sneakers?

April 29, 2020

What are sneakers

Sneakers are one of the world’s most popular shoes. They are primarily designed for sports, running, and being active. However, in recent years they have become common for casual, everyday wear. With more people wearing sneakers than ever before, they have also become a fashion statement. Brands now craft all sorts of designs ranging from dress sneakers, chunky shoes, all the way through to barefoot shoes. Today, you will find it difficult to see someone not wearing sneakers!


Origin of the Sneaker

The history of sneakers has seen trends, styles, and purposes come and go. In the earliest of days, the sneaker was known as a plimsoll and was worn by vacation-goers or popular sports stars of the era. It was not until after the 1936 Olympics and post the Second World War, that sneakers became mainstream. Across the course of the 20th Century, technological advancements and the rise of sporting goods brands meant that sneakers became more universal. The world saw the birth of Adidas, Nike, Reebok, New Balance, brands that we still know and love in the 21st Century. Today, there are many answers to ‘what are sneakers?’. They are the shoes we wear to work, to school, the fashion trend and must-have footwear. They are comfy, stylish, come in black, white, the boldest of reds, snazzy patterns. Endorsed by global icons, there is no stopping these shoes.

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Sneaker Definition

The sneaker definition has shifted somewhat over the last 100 years. Long gone are the days of the plimsoll. Long live the days of comfort and practicality.

According to the Collins Dictionary, the sneaker can be defined as: “casual shoes with rubber soles that people wear often for running or other sports.”

But, why are sneakers called sneakers ? Our blog is home to the answer!


Introducing Giesswein Sneakers

Giesswein sneakers are special. We craft our shoes with comfort and sustainability in mind. Giessweins cater for the runners, those after dress sneakers, as well as something for harsher terrain. Whether you’re after fashion or activewear, there is something to please all.

Sneaker definition


No matter if your look is casual or elegant, our Merino Wool Knit and Merino Runners are here to keep you cool and comfortable. Merino wool is an essential element of our range. Its breathable, moisture-regulating properties keep odor at bay, and our unique 3D stretch tech is flexible and adapts to each individual foot…giving you maximum comfort, all day long. Additionally, our non-slip EVA sole boasts greater shock absorption and lasts longer than other sole types.

Looking for that business-casual balance? Check out our pro tips on how to style a suit with sneakers.



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