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Women’s Arch Support Slippers

Women’s arch support slippers will give your feet the comfort to roam around at home all day. With the added support of an insole, women’s slippers can provide needed arch support. For those with flat arches, women's arch support slippers are essential for keeping your feet in a comfortable position. Arch support slippers have many benefits for both people with these conditions and people without.

Our women’s arch support slippers feature a sturdy rubber sole, ideal for giving you a strong foothold. Each of our slippers has a removable footbed, allowing you to insert a special insole turning them into women’s arch support slippers. The combination means you’ll experience intense comfort whether you’re relaxing on the sofa, or using them as outdoor slippers. You’ll never want to take these slippers off once you slip them on!

Why You Need Arch Support Slippers

Arch support slippers can have many benefits for your health. Giving you a boost under your foot’s arch, your feet will be held in the correct position which can relieve discomfort from the joints in your ankles, knees, and hips.

Super Soft Virgin Wool Women’s Slippers with Arch Support

We put comfort at the heart of all our footwear which is why our women’s arch support slippers are crafted from soft virgin wool. Virgin wool is the softest type of wool available, making it ideal for cosy slippers! In addition to being super gentle against the skin, it also has many other incredible benefits that it brings to women’s arch support slippers:

Breathable - Our women’s arch support slippers double as breathable slippers. This allows your feet to breathe whilst wearing your house shoes, promoting healthy feet.

Moisture Wicking - Slippers can sometimes make our feet a little sweaty from time to time. However, virgin wool is moisture wicking, keeping your feet dry all day long!

Odour Neutralising - Nobody likes smelly slippers! Utilising the wool, Giesswein’s women’s arch support slippers work to fight odours, keeping them smelling fresh!

Temperature Regulating - Keeping feet cool in the warm weather, and toasty in cold weather, you can use these as both winter and summer slippers!

With each of these benefits keeping your feet super comfy in women’s arch support slippers, you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried them before! With men’s arch support slippers too, your whole family can indulge in next level comfort.


Introducing Giesswein Footwear

We are a family run brand that creates innovative footwear from merino wool. Our women’s trainers will provide you with next level comfort, wherever your feet take you.