HyphaLite: Our vegan mushroom leather

Sustainability and innovation are two aspects that are integral to the design of our products. In the search for new, environmentally friendly materials for our high-quality shoe production, we came across mushroom leather. HyphaLiteTM TC is a material that is visually and functionally very close to conventional animal leather, but is made exclusively from non-animal components. Here you can find out the most important facts about HyphaLiteTM Mushroom Leather and get a taste of our Organic Sneaker.

What is HyphaLiteTM TC?

HyphaLite, known as HyphaLite™ TC, is a revolutionary shoe leather made from natural polymers and mushrooms. It has been specifically developed to provide a sustainable alternative to traditional leather while ensuring equivalent quality. What makes HyphaLite special is that it is 100% bio-based and made from plant-based materials. The mushrooms used in the process are oyster mushrooms and come from locally sourced sources in Vietnam. However, these mushrooms are not grown specifically for vegan leather production. Primarily, the mushrooms are cultivated for consumption and those that are not suitable for consumption are further processed into HyphaLite material. Thus, no food is wasted and the farmers earn extra income for the rejects that are rejected by the food industry and thus cannot be sold.

How is the HyphaLiteTM mushroom leather made?

First, the mushrooms (oyster mushrooms) have to be grown. These are fertilised exclusively with natural fertilisers such as sawdust, maize starch and burnt lime (CaO). It takes a total of 40 days before the mushrooms can be harvested, cleaned and sorted. Those mushrooms that do not meet the high standards of the food industry are sorted out and used for mushroom leather production. This accounts for about 20 % of the total mushroom harvest. In the next step, the mushrooms must then be dried and ground. The resulting powder is mixed with natural rubber to form a suspension (a "slurry mix") and applied to the carrier material, which consists of a lyocell/viscose mixture, via rollers in a so-called roller coating process. Finally, the material has to be pressed, which gives it the typical leather structure. The production of the material takes a total of four weeks.

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What are the advantages of a shoe made of mushroom leather

1. moisture wicking

Mushroom leather has a natural absorption capacity, allowing it to absorb and wick moisture away from the skin. This supports a predominantly dry skin feeling and pleasant foot climate.

2. antibacterial

Mushroom leather has natural antiseptic properties. This can help inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi on the surface of the material, reducing the formation of odours and possible infections.

3. Lightweight

Due to the microscopic air pockets in the material, mushroom leather is particularly light. This contributes to a pleasant wearing comfort and reduces the overall weight of the shoe.

4. insulating effect

The air pockets in the mushroom leather also have an insulating effect. This provides some thermal insulation that can protect the foot from cold or heat. This makes mushroom leather a suitable choice for footwear in different seasons.

5. breathable

Mushroom leather is naturally breathable and allows for efficient air exchange. Regardless of the season, the breathable material provides comfort and freshness for the feet.

6. particularly sustainable

Mushroom leather is an environmentally friendly material because it is made from renewable raw materials. Mushroom leather is completely vegan and is made from mushrooms discarded by the food industry that would otherwise have to be thrown away.

7. 100% Organic Based

Mushroom leather is made from 100% bio-based materials. No toxic chemicals are used in production, nor does the leather pollute the environment at the end of its life. Mushroom leather is in fact biodegradable.

The Organic Sneaker by GIESSWEIN

The Organic Sneaker is not only environmentally friendly, but also offers incredible comfort. The inner lining of the shoe is made of eucalyptus lyocell, a fabric that is not only soft and breathable, but also has antibacterial properties and neutralises odours. The sole is made of a mixture of EVA and rubber, which ensures optimal cushioning and durability. The colours - blue, black and grey - can be perfectly coordinated with any outfit.


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 Organic Sneaker

Well, have we piqued your interest? Grab your sustainable comfort miracle made of innovative mushroom leather and let yourself be spoiled by the usual GIESSWEIN quality. Share your style with us via @giesswein_ with #giesswein on Instagram.

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