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Merino Wool

merino wool has many benefits


We use 100% Merino Wool here at Giesswein so you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. This wool paired with our high-quality workmanship provides a hybrid of style and functionality. Giving you merino wool items that are both comfy and have a modern, sporty design. We proudly make our products in Austria.


As the name might suggest, merino wool is the wool taken from Merino Sheep. The first evidence of this sheep was in the 12th century around Morocco. The wool from this sheep tends to be finer than normal wool and has less scales so is softer. Unlike man-made fabrics, this wool comes from a sustainable source and is easily renewable. There are also many other merino wool properties that make it excellent for use in clothes.
merino wool will keep you warm


Merino wool keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Due to its structure there are thousands of tiny air pockets trapped between the wool fibres.

These air pockets do a few things. Firstly, they act as natural insulation. They also keep your skin at a perfect temperature whatever the weather.

keep smelly feet at bay with merino wool


Merino wool’s surface is naturally antibacterial. This special structure means that this wool stops bacteria from forming and multiplying. As well as its antibacterial properties, this material is made up of two different types of cells. These two cells rub against each other. When this is put with natural humidity, the cells clean the fabric and prevent odours. If you do get your merino items a little dirty, don’t worry it’s easy to wash merino wool!

stay dry with merino wool


Merino wool naturally absorbs up to 33% of its own weight in moisture. It then takes this moisture and wicks it away from your skin. That’s why when you wear a product like merino wool trainers, you’re more likely to stay comfortable and dry. The higher the percentage of Merino wool, the greater its wicking properties. That’s why it’s important to choose products made of 100% Merino wool.

extra comfortable stretching merino wool


Our unique Giesswein “3D-Stretch Merino Wool” is aptly named. This special wool stretches comfortably in all directions. This special, 3D fabric knit gives you maximum, lasting comfort. Developed at Giesswein you won't find anything else quite like it!

high quality merino wool products


Merino wool is a natural product. But it is also scarce but because of this, it’s also a scarce product. The production and processing of Merino wool require a significant amount of time and know-how.

This extensive process yields a product of the highest quality. This also means it comes at a high price. Giesswein not only ensures quality but commits to being cruelty free. We only source from farmers who hold a Mulesing-free certification. We perform frequent checks to make sure these standards are high enough.
Merino wool is far more valuable than cotton or polyester. It is often said that it’s softer than cashmere, and smoother than silk!