Comfortable Summer Slippers for Warmer Days

Whether you dine alfresco or simply admire the opportunities the longer evenings bring. Summer slippers are a staple home necessity, which the whole family can enjoy. From providing comfort and grip while enjoying your morning coffee outside, to keeping them cool and dry throughout the day. Not only do they offer support, they enable your feet to breathe at all times of the day. Even when the sun is shining in the sky.

Ultimately, you want to be comfortable whatever the weather outside brings, so choosing the perfect summer slipper should be made easy. Let us guide you through what to look for in your next pair. 



Summer slippers hold great versatility during the warmer months, from last minute family gatherings, to a relaxing morning coffee on the porch. Which is why, typical characteristics of summer slippers often include durability, breathability, and comfort. However, everyone's lifestyles are varied, which is why we are biased and believe we have a pair to suit anyone, so let us help find your next slippers. Whether you need a pair to accompany your work from home style, or to keep your feet comfortable when having open-air drinks with family or friends.    


Slippers could be categorised more as winter footwear, to keep our feet toasty, but do we really need a different pair for the different seasons? Let’s break down the typical differences between a summer and winter slipper.


  • Lightweight structure.
  • Slip on style.
  • Breathable material.
  • Moisture wicking properties.
  • Supportive elements.


  • Cozy virgin wool.
  • Sometimes seen as slipper boots to cover more of the feet, to keep them warm.
  • Insulating properties.
  • Moisture wicking properties.
  • Supportive elements.

What if we told you that you could have the best of both worlds and have a comfy slipper, which is ideal for all year round use? At Giesswein our slippers are made with temperature regulating materials, which allow you to enjoy your house shoes whatever the season. This means that because of the breathable, temperature regulating properties, your feet will stay cool throughout summer and warm during winter. Suggesting you could enjoy the same pair throughout the year, whatever climate you live in.

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Sweaty feet over the summer is almost inevitable but we have a solution to wave goodbye to hot sticky feet, and hello to comfortable, cool days lounging on the terrace. Our range of slippers are made with virgin wool, which is the softest wool you can take from sheep. What makes this type of wool excellent for slippers, is not only the durability and softness, but the breathability aspect. One of the most important things we can do to keep our feet healthy is allow them to breathe, something you can enjoy from virgin wool.

If you are still wondering how this wool can keep your feet cozy while avoiding sweaty feet, the answer is moisture wicking. The wool has moisture wicking properties which means any liquid is wicked away to the surface, to keep your feet dry and comfortable. Although, if you fancy refreshing your summer slippers to keep them in great condition, wool is super easy to wash at home. Simply pop them in the washing machine and you’re good to go!    


Imagine walking out to the porch when the sun starts to rise, and the warm breeze blows through your hair. Your feet will be thankful that you chose summer slippers made from virgin wool. This is because we are always being told to keep our feet healthy and what better way than allowing them to breathe, even when they are wrapped up in cozy, warm slippers. 

Virgin wool summer slippers allow your feet to breathe due to the excellent structure of the wool fibres. In other words, within the wool there are thousands of tiny air pockets, which allow the flow of air to move between your toes freely. This allows your foot's temperature to be regulated whatever the temperature outside. This indicates, throughout summer your feet could be cool and dry, whereas in winter they could be cosy and snug. This insulating property within the house shoe is one of the many reasons why you should wear slippers and it suggests you could wear the same pair for every season!


The opportunities are endless with Giesswein summer slippers. We have a range of styles and colours to suit everyone, whether you are looking for men's wool slippers, women's wool slippers, or sheepskin slippers. Discover the barefoot feeling and be comfortable throughout the year. 

Breaking down the benefits of our unique summer slippers, you could enjoy the barefoot feeling all day long. The main features you will find are:

  • Temperature regulating wool - sweaty feet will be a thing of the past! Slip your feet into a slipper that keeps your feet cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Breathable material - allow your feet to breathe comfortably, even when the temperature rises, in our virgin wool slippers.
  • Anti-slip soles - our summer slippers, just like our slip resistant sneakers, feature our patented anti-slip soles. This feature provides optimal grip and security, to allow you to perform your daily activities with ease.
  • Water resistant material - different materials have different levels of water resistance, and our pairs which feature boiled wool, contain this handy element. Ideal if you are walking to throw out the trash in damp weather!

However you plan to use your house shoes, whether as an outdoor slipper for your morning coffee on the terrace, or a way to keep cozy once the sun has disappeared. Either way, we are sure to have a pair which is right for you.


Giesswein is a proud maker of wool products and has been for three generations. Specialising in not only summer slippers but also men's sneakers, women's sneakers, and kids's sneakers. Our goals have always been to reinvent the positive attributes of wool, which is why we produce high quality fabrics.

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