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Kids’ Slippers

Cosy Wool Slippers for Kids

Kids’ slippers are designed with the littlest of feet in mind. Our children’s slipper collection provides comfort, warmth, and cosiness all year round. Made from soft virgin wool and cotton, they’re sure to keep little feet happy. They are the perfect choice for the home, getting you through from playtime to bedtime. Nothing quite says comfort like a cosy slipper!


Soft & Insulating Children’s Slippers

Our children’s wool slippers are made from virgin wool. This is the softest type of wool available and has insulating properties that will keep feet warm and comfortable no matter what season it is. Our kids’ cottons slippers are also extra-comfy, being both soft and breathable.

Giesswein slippers for children come in a range of styles. A favourite is our kids slipper socks that boast a snug fit around little ankles from the cold. We even have toddler and baby slippers, so you are bound to find a house shoe that will put a smile on their face the moment they slip their feet in. They are also super lightweight and flexible, with a barefoot feeling. The soles also feature anti-slip technology to help prevent slides on wooden and tile floors. As little ones can get a little messy, Giesswein slippers are easily machine washable.


About Giesswein Slippers

Giesswein slippers were first made in 1974 when Grandma Giesswein wanted a way to use spare material. These were non-slip wool socks that have since evolved into our luxurious slippers. Giesswein is still family run, and we still don’t believe in letting any material go to waste! Don’t worry if you’re a little jealous of your kids’ new house shoes, as we also have women’s slippers, and men’s slippers too.