Slipper Socks
for Men

light as a feather
& extra soft


no moisture
no odor

Men’s Slipper Socks

Men’s slipper socks unite snug socks and men’s slippers in one. Our slipper socks for men are made of warm virgin wool, and feature a rubber sole. This type of wool boasts properties you and your feet will adore every time you slip on your men's slipper socks. These properties include:

Stay Warm in Comfy Men’s Slipper Socks

Breathable - It’s important that your men’s slipper socks are breathable slippers. This is to allow feet to remain healthy. The virgin wool in our slippers is breathable, allowing air to circulate around your feet, leaving them feeling fresh.

Temperature Regulating - Men’s slipper socks should keep you comfy all year round. With temperature regulating abilities, you can wear yours as winter slippers and summer slippers.

Antibacterial & Odour Resistant - Nobody likes smelly feet! That’s why we use natural antibacterial material in our men’s slippers socks - ensuring they stave off odours and keep your men’s slipper socks smelling fresh.

Super soft - Comfort is key, and the virgin wool in our house shoes is soft on your foot. This ensures your men’s slipper socks are comfy slippers you never want to take off!

Anti-slip - Rubber sole slippers are anti-slip to keep you on your feet. So you can plod around the house in your men’s slipper socks without the worry of a slip slowing you down.

Moisture Wicking - Our men’s slippers socks use moisture wicking material. This means that even if you have sweaty feet, you’ll be kept dry all day long!

Our men's slipper socks are ideal for those wanting to stay warm and comfortable indoors! Whether you’re lounging on your sofa watching a film, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, these warm slippers will support you whatever your activity.


Men’s Slipper Socks Care for Your Feet

One of the main roles of men's slipper socks is to protect your feet from debris. This rubber sole gives you stability and protection. You can even wander into your garden in outdoor slippers to enjoy your coffee in the fresh air. That way, you can securely pad around your home, inside and out. What’s more, our men’s slipper socks are washable slippers too - so you can pop them in the washing machine when they eventually need a refresh.

Your feet will thank you for keeping them warm and comfortable in men’s slipper socks. You can even indulge the rest of your family in comfort with women's slipper socks and kids' slipper socks too!

Comfort For the Whole Family

With Giesswein, the whole family can care for their feet at home. From baby slippers, toddler slippers, and kids’ slippers, their feet stay toasty as they grow. Our women’s slippers mean everyone can care for their feet all year round. Thanks to breathable, temperature-regulating designs; experience year round comfort.

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Giesswein is a third-generation family-business specialising in comfortable footwear combined with sustainability. We use our Green Strategy to ensure our men’s sports shoes and women’s sports shoes are comfortable, and tread lightly on the planet.