Slipper Socks
for Women

light as a feather
& extra soft


no moisture
no odor

Stay Warm in Women’s Slipper Socks

Women’s slipper socks warm up cold feet in style. A cross between women’s slippers and cosy socks, there is no better solution to keep your feet warm! Our women's slipper socks are made of thick virgin wool with a rubber sole. The wool and sole will keep your feet comfy and protected throughout the day. There are many other benefits that this type of wool brings to our slippers, including:

Breathable - Allowing feet to breathe is essential for any pair of women’s slipper socks. These are breathable slippers which allow your feet to breathe. That way they’re left feeling fresh!

Temperature Regulating - You should be able to wear your house shoes year round. Controlling the temperature of your feet, you can use these women’s slipper socks as both winter slippers and summer slippers.

Super soft - Virgin wool is the softest type of wool available. That’s why we use it to make our women’s slipper socks. It provides you with soft and comfy slippers you won’t want to take off!

Anti-slip - Rubber sole slippers are anti-slip to keep you on your feet. So you can dash around the house in your women’s slipper socks without the worry of a slip slowing you down.

Odour Resistant - Nobody likes smelly slippers! Luckily our women’s slipper socks fight smells!

Moisture Wicking - Everyone’s feet get a little sweaty from time to time, that’s why our women’s slipper socks are moisture wicking. This will ensure your feet are kept dry throughout the day.

Women’s slipper socks are the perfect companion for wearing around your house, and even as outside slippers whilst you enjoy your morning cup of coffee.


Care For Your Feet in Women’s Slipper Socks

Women’s slipper socks are the perfect way to care for your feet as you go about your day. Your house shoes should protect your feet whilst you wear them. The rubber sole of women’s slipper socks is lightweight and flexible meaning it moves with you. The soft wool midsole creates a barefoot feeling that you won’t be able to get enough of! Whilst virgin wool cushions the sole of your foot, it also encloses the rest of your foot in warmth.

If you adore the feeling of our ladies’ slipper socks, you’ll love indulging in sheepskin slippers made from soft lambskin.

Cosy Feet for the Whole Family

Cosy slipper socks aren’t just for women: we have men’s slipper socks and kids’ slippers socks too! At Giesswein, the whole family can care for their feet at home. Thanks to our baby slippers, toddler slippers, to kids’ slippers, your little ones’ feet stay toasty as they grow. With breathable, temperature-regulating designs; experience year round comfort.

Stay Comfortable with Giesswein

Giesswein is a third-generation family-business specialising in comfortable footwear combined with sustainability. We use our Green Strategy to ensure our men’s slippers, men’s sports shoes and awomen’s sports shoes are comfortable, and tread lightly on the planet.