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What Are Barefoot Shoes?

Barefoot shoes are a minimalist shoe. They span all types of footwear from running shoes to casual, everyday footwear. Quite simply, they are lightweight, flexible, and designed with comfort in mind. They still have all the essentials of any other shoe such as a sole, space for laces, sides, toe, and heel etc, yet boast benefits you cannot achieve with a clunkier trainer.

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What Makes A Barefoot Shoe? 

Barefoot shoes are so much more than shoes you can wear without socks. The properties of barefoot shoes are distinct from the standard sneakers you may be used to.

Lightweight: Much of the materials that fill traditional trainers have been ditched. The soles are not as thick, padded sides omitted, and the shoes themselves are made of less. This makes them super light.

Flexible: As less materials are required, barefoot shoes are more flexible. The thin soles and lack of heavy material means they can bend more and mimic the movement of the feet. This can sometimes be due to a lack of arch.

Flat: Clunky sneakers and running shoes boast densely padded soles. This cushioning means sneakers often feature larger heels. Their barefoot counterparts lack a hefty heel making for a flatter sole meaning the whole foot is closer to the ground.

Height: Moreso, this kind of footwear rarely exceeds the ankle which sees an overall reduction in ankle support. They are smaller and tend to hug more of the foot which contributes to their weight and flexibility. 

Width: Many barefoot shoes aim to deliver a snug fit, yet accommodate feet that sometimes need a little more room. They can feature a wider toe-box than generic sneakers which helps maintain comfort. You may be interested to explore our wide fit sneakers...

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What are barefoot shoes good for?

Barefoot shoes mirror the shape and the natural curve of the feet, allowing them to move as nature intended. This can help improve posture, strengthen feet and body positioning.

Since the dawn of humankind we have been going around barefoot. Whilst the modern day and concrete jungles may not be the smartest place to opt for barefoot living, when at home, there are benefits to be had.

Comfort: A leading reason why barefoot shoes are so popular is because they’re comfortable. As they aim to emulate a shoeless feeling, a number of the elements that can make shoes a little uncomfortable, such as a hard heel, are removed.

Improve posture: Thick, cushioned soles and those with raised heel or heel drop alters our natural step which causes us to adopt an alternate walking pattern. When elevation is present we tend to lean back more to compensate for height difference. This is removed when going barefoot.

Improved proprioception: Again, thicker soles are to blame here as they can lower the awareness of our body’s natural positioning and movement. Gait and spine alignment is altered by the way we walk and barefoot alternatives bring us back to basics.

Strengthen feet: Excessive wearing of cushioned and supportive footwear have the potential to weaken the foot over time. Feet can become very cramped in shoes all day everyday and the freedom of going without them can bolster the strength of your feet.

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Introducing Giesswein Barefoot Shoes

At Giesswein, we love the barefoot feeling. Whether you are after comfortable shoes, shoes you can wear without socks, or barefoot slippers for the home, then we’ve got you covered. The lining of our merino wool shoes is ideal for bare feet and perfect for those looking for a comfortable all day fit.

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We are especially pleased with our wool slipper range. Our goal is to guarantee the highest quality, and by making your slippers so warm, cozy and comfortable, you’ll never want to take them off! It is the pure virgin wool coupled with small air chambers that creates such a soft footbed which gives you the feeling of going barefoot.

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What To Look For...

Every pair of slippers has to be right for you. Based on our customer feedback we can share some of the key factors to consider when choosing our slippers:

Warmth: A warm set of slippers can help the entire body stay at an optimal temperature as well as promote better sleep. Materials such as merino wool, sheepskin suede, and fleece are ideal for protecting feet from the cold and damp.

Water Resistant: There’s a serious difference between waterproof and water resistant. Waterproof slippers will be made from materials like rubber whilst water-resistant materials are wool and leather. Just double-check before stepping out to grab the post!

Foot Support: Do you plan to wear slippers briefly or for long hours a day? If you will be wearing your slippers for long periods of time, it’s important that they offer adequate arch support. Consider memory foam insoles, which contour to the shape of your feet for superior support.

Versatility: Are you wearing slippers around the home or do you plan to go out in them? Wool and rubber slippers will be fine for trips out, but more delicate fabrics like cotton may only be suitable home use.

Who Are Giesswein?

Giesswein is a family founded business which is now run by third generation Giessweins. We’re ardent about reinventing the positivity of wool to create unique products that you will find irresistible. Not only are we very dedicated to producing comfortable shoes and clothing, but we have a keen focus on sustainability too. With our extensive wool knowledge, we’ve become Europe's largest producer of 100% virgin wool clothing which includes men’s, women’s, and children’s ranges spanning footwear, jackets, hats, and so much more.