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3 Winter Trainers to Keep Feet Warm

One challenge that comes with the weather getting colder is that of keeping feet warm. One way to solve this issue is by wearing winter trainers. Winter trainers have heat insulating properties that keep your feet safe from the cold weather outside. In most cases they are also water-repellant so are perfect for those wetter months.

What are Winter Trainers Made From?

Giesswein trainers are all made from merino wool making them the ideal trainers for winter.

Merino wool is temperature regulating, this means that in cold temperatures it keeps your feet warm. It does this by creating air pockets where it traps warm air, these act as an insulation whilst keeping your feet at a comfortable temperature.

If your feet are being kept warm by your winter trainers you may worry about getting sweaty feet and making your lovely trainers smell! Merino wool deals with this in two different ways. The first way being that it is antibacterial, preventing bacteria from forming and multiplying. This, along with the fabric’s self cleaning properties, helps prevent odours within the trainer. The second way is that merino wool is moisture wicking, this means any sweat is quickly taken away from the foot and moved to outside the shoe. This means your feet will stay dry, even when you’re not wearing socks!

As the months get a little wetter, we want to keep our feet dry. Luckily, our winter trainers are water-repellant. The surface of merino wool means that water is discouraged from absorbing. This means that even when it’s raining heavily, your feet should be dry inside your trainers! With winter trainers for men, and winter trainers for women these will become your family’s new favourite pair of shoes!

merino wool trainers are brilliant for winter

For the same reasons that we use wool to create our trainers, we also use virgin wool to make our warm slippers. This type of wool also has properties to keep your feet warm in the colder weather.

Sports Trainers for Tackling Winter Elements

For those who enjoy outdoor sports, such as hiking or running, it can be tricky to find the right shoe in the winter months especially when the weather is unpredictable. Giesswein has created the world’s first high-performance sports shoe with a merino wool lining - the Wool Cross X trainer. This shoe benefits from all the fantastic properties merino wool has to offer, making it the perfect winter trainer for those who enjoy exploring the outdoors.

The temperature regulating fabric will keep your feet warm, wherever you’re exploring, hills, forest, or ice. The sole features micro-grip technology making them amazing for many surfaces. Your feet will be kept dry throughout the winter in these as sweat is wicked away from the foot, whilst water is repelled from the surface. The perfect winter trainer for those with an outdoor lifestyle.

explore the world in our winter trainers

Look Stylish in Winter Trainers

Our Merino Runner trainers are the perfect stylish accessory for all your winter outfits. Available in a wide range of colours, there’s a pair for everyone.

Made from 100% merino wool, these winter trainers are comfortable, soft, and most importantly warm in those cooler months! Not only does the temperature regulating properties of merino wool keep you warm in the winter, but they are also breathable trainers which makes them great for hotter days.

These trainers are designed to keep you comfortable throughout winter, with a lightweight EVA sole, they are flexible meaning, whatever you’re up to this season, they’ll keep up with you!

keep feet warm in trainers for winter

Knitted Winter Trainers

A unique take on the winter trainer, our Merino Wool Knit trainer ensures you’ll have the most stylish footwear among your friends. Although they look cool, these trainers will keep your foot at a comfortable temperature no matter the weather outside. Like our other trainers these will keep your feet dry, wicking away moisture, your feet will never have been so comfortable.

To make these shoes just that little bit more comfy they feature an interchangeable footbed. The footbed is made from wool and has an anti-shock effect, so you won’t be slowed down by any bumps in the road.

look cool in winter trainers

Introducing Giesswein

Giesswein is a family run merino wool company from Austria. We believe in protecting the environment and animals whilst creating our gorgeous products. This is why we recycle 90% of our water, use mulesing-free wool, and don’t use oil for any of our machines. So you can enjoy your winter trainers in nature, knowing they too are environmentally friendly. Whether you’re looking for women’s trainers, or men’s trainers we know you’ll find the perfect fit at Giesswein.