8 Slip Resistant Sneakers For Every Lifestyle

Slip resistant sneakers are footwear essentials for those who are always on the go. They make every step as easy and stable as can be. Having functional, slip resistant sneakers doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style though. We’ll walk you through the benefits of slip resistant sneakers, why you need them, and how they can help you navigate the world a little more steadily.



There’s nothing worse than feeling off balance. Slip resistant sneakers are designed to have more grip than regular sneakers and help you feel more stable.

Depending on the slip resistant sneakers you opt for, each may have slightly different slip-resistance technology. It all comes down to the sole of the individual slip resistant sneaker. At Giesswein, we use  EVA soles. Made from plastic, EVA soles are lighter and more durable than other soles, meaning your shoes can last much longer. Our  men’s sneakers and  women’s sneakers that feature EVA soles all benefit from these qualities. EVA soles are an alternative to classic rubber soles.  Each sole has particular grooves and shapes that give it its unique anti-slip properties.

Some anti-slip soles are designed for tough terrain. This kind of shoe will handle rocky terrain, wet weather, and even snow easily.  Everyday sneakers with anti-slip soles may be designed to offer optimal stability and slip-free grip on everyday surfaces. 


Slip resistant sneakers can reassure you with every step, while you’re doing the essentials like shopping for groceries or picking the kids up from school. Slip resistant sneakers aren’t just reserved for hiking or backpacking across the country. 

1. Wool Sneaker- Our  Wool Sneaker is made from super soft  merino wool, which, thanks to our 3D-Stretch technology, molds to the shape of your foot for maximum support. This slip resistant sneaker features an anti-slip sole made from EVA foam, which cushions and protects your feet as you stride. These stylish,  breathable sneakers are one way to feel stable and steady as you go about your daily life. 

wool sneaker giesswein

Wool Sneaker

2. Merino Wool Knit- If you’re after an everyday shoe that’s a little more unique, our  Merino Wool Knit sneakers are a fabulous choice. Their sole features a sophisticated diamond-system that gives a slip-free grip. Another important part of avoiding slipping is having  shoes that fit properly, and with our perfect fit system you’ll get just that in all our slip resistant sneakers.

merino wool knit giesswein

Merino Wool Knit

Navigating everyday outings like a trip to the mall or a walk to the mailbox is made even easier with slip resistant sneakers that keep you steady, comfortable, and stylish. 


Slip resistant sneakers are essential for those who enjoy getting outdoors. Whether you get your exercise trail running, hiking, or jogging, you need to feel stable on your feet. With slip resistant shoes you can be sure to get exploring with extra peace of mind that you’ll stay upright and focused on the finish line. 

3. Wool Cross X- Our high performance merino wool sports shoe, the  Wool Cross X,  has a micro-grip sole. This makes it a great slip resistant sneaker for those who love exploring the great outdoors, as it adapts to every surface. This includes more difficult terrain such as rocks and even snow, giving you maximum grip and stability. Whether you need  trail running shoes or just stable sneakers, these are sure to be your next favorite pair.

wool cross x giesswein

Wool Cross X

4. Wool Cross X Alpine- Our slip resistant sneaker in the form of a hiking boot is the ideal companion for your outdoor adventures. With micro grip sole technology, the  Wool Cross X Alpine offers stability and grip no matter the terrain. The perfect slip resistant sneaker for any budding explorers.

wool cross x alpine giesswein

Wool Cross X Alpine

5. Wool Sneaker High Top- For the more casual discoverer, the  Wool Sneaker High Top is a great option for a slip resistant sneaker. Built for maximum comfort and temperature regulating qualities, these sneakers have slip-free soles which offer stability and grip no matter the terrain. Perfect for an evening stroll or a day out with the kids, these  winter boots will keep you warm and sturdy all day long.

wool sneaker high top

Wool Sneaker High Top

6. Wool Peak- Built for running, the  Wool Peak is the slip resistant sneaker you need to get you achieving your goals and beating your personal best. Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced runner, these  stability running shoes will keep you focused on putting one foot in front of the other. Their rubber sole ensures excellent grip on even the most slippery terrain, and masters extreme weather conditions.

wool peak giesswein

Wool Peak

Whatever your style of getting outdoors, make sure you’re prioritising stability and grip in your choice of footwear. With slip resistant sneakers, you can tackle the elements and all terrains with peace of mind. Focus on what’s really important and let your Giesswein slip resistant sneakers do the rest. 


You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the planet for a pair of slip resistant sneakers. Our  sustainable shoes made from eucalyptus combine our values of looking out for the environment and making great quality products. 

7. Wood Sneaker- Made from  eucalyptus wood fibers from sustainable forests with EVA foam soles, our  Wood Sneakers are about to become your new favorite shoes. The sole features an advance-grip-system with a treaded sole, helping to prevent slips and offer you maximum stability. These slip resistant sneakers are the ideal planet-friendly companion to keep you sturdy and sure on your feet.

wood sneaker giesswein

Wood Sneaker


Sacrificing style for a slip resistant sneaker is a thing of the past. Sneakers which care for your feet, keep you steady, and look good too, are easy to find with Giesswein. With comfortable sneakers made from soft, durable materials, your feet are cushioned, and each step is assured with our stylish slip resistant sneakers.

8. Merino Runners- Our  Merino Runners come in a wide range of colors so you can match your new pair of slip resistant sneakers to your own style. Built with soft merino wool and featuring an EVA sole. 

Merino Runner Giesswein

Merino runners

Slip resistant sneakers help you stay upright and sturdy no matter the terrain, or how stylish you need to be. Dress to impress for every situation and stride with assurance that you’re going exactly where you want to. With Giesswein, your slip resistant sneakers are with you every step of the way.


At Giesswein, we specialize in comfortable footwear combined with sustainability. Using our  Green Strategy, we’re ensuring our footwear, like our men's slippers and women's slippers, aligns with our values of animal welfare and caring for the planet.

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