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How To Choose Your Next Slippers

Choosing your next slippers is a real important task. Whether you are looking for a house shoe to wear all year round or wool slippers for maximum comfort and cosiness, Giesswein has you covered. After all, there is no better time to upgrade your wardrobe.


What Are You Looking For In Your Next Slippers?

Your next slippers will very much be down to personal taste and we are here to help you identify the right pair for you. From slip ons to slipper socks, we have something to satisfy your feet. But, what is most important to you?

Style: With many shapes & designs to choose from, you will have no problem finding the right style for you. We offer classic styles, mules, all the way through to slip socks that reach above the ankle - perfect for winter months.

Colour: Whether you are into neutral colours or bright reds, our slipper collection is home to a broad range to match every lounging aesthetic. Just because you’ll wear them at home does not mean you cannot be bold.

Material: Wool, leather or cotton. Giessweins are available in a number of comfy materials so your feet can feel content from the moment you place your order. You’ll feel like you’re barefoot!

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What To Expect From Giesswein Slippers 

With Giesswein slippers, from the moment they arrive you can begin to indulge in the comfort of some very special slippers. They have even been featured in Grazia. We have more than 60 years of know-how which allow us to produce high-quality goods. Our luxurious slippers are sure to win you over with superior comfort and built-to-last design. But, what is it that makes our collection so spectacular? It would be the perfect combination of a snug fit, cosy natural materials, & the patented non-slip sole that makes a must-have for the home. Yet, there is more… 

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Comfort: Slippers were designed with comfort in mind. After a long day at work or in the office, relaxing at home is a joy. For many of us, it is actually the cosiest part of the day! They can help keep both feet and the entire body remain warm, as well as promote better sleep. Materials such as merino wool, sheepskin suede, and fleece are ideal for protecting feet from the cold and damp.

Support: Foot and arch support is vital to any shoe. This will also depend on how long you plan on wearing slippers for. If they are to be worn for long hours each day, you may wish to consider insoles or orthopedic inserts to maximise comfort and foot support. Just make sure there is enough room for the insert and you can continue to enjoy that high level of comfort you seek. Furthermore, our non-slip sole boasts that extra stability and grip you need that you cannot obtain by simply wearing socks around the house.

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Why You Should Wear Slippers

There are so many great benefits to enjoy by wearing slippers. Us humans often place a high value on lounge time at home, being snug and generally relaxing. Slippers just amplify that experience. Why is wearing slippers such a great idea? Well, let us outline that below…

  • Slippers can help keep your feet clean as they protect you from the dirt, dust & everyday mess you collect when going barefoot or when wearing socks.
  • Boiled wool slippers can help extract excess moisture from your feet as the wool wicks it away towards and outside of the slipper.
  • When it's cold, our body prioritises keeping our core warm which means our feet receive less bodily heat. Slippers can help combat this!

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