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Kids’ Slipper Socks

Warm Wool Kids' Slipper Socks

A hybrid between slippers and socks, kids' slipper socks are ideal for keeping little feet warm. Our boys and girls’ slippers socks are crafted from thick virgin wool, and an anti-slip sole providing both comfort and grip. You'll find that kids' slipper socks are the ideal house shoe for children to wear at home. Their added flexibility makes them great for keeping comfy during playtime. The wool gives these children's slipper socks many benefits:
  • Super Soft - We know your children are more likely to keep their kids’ slippers on if they’re soft to wear. Our kids’ slipper socks use the softest type of wool available. Their super soft nature will make your kids love wearing them!
  • Breathable - Crafted from a natural material, air can flow through kids’ slipper socks. Keeping your child’s feet feeling fresh and healthy in these breathable slippers!
  • Temperature Regulating - Virgin wool is temperature regulating, making it ideal for kids’ slipper socks. Your little one’s feet will be kept at just the right temperature, perfect as warm slippers for winter, and as summer slippers.
  • Washable - Whether it’s from playing in the garden, or creating a masterpiece with paint - it’s inevitable that their slippers will become dirty from time to time. With Giesswein kids’ slipper socks, simply put the slippers in the washing machine to freshen up!
  • Anti-Slip Sole - You want to let your little ones run free and enjoy their time carefree. An anti-slip sole slipper will allow them to do just this!
  • Lightweight - Little feet shouldn’t be weighed down so ensure you choose lightweight kids’ slipper socks.

We know it’s important to protect your kids’ feet from a young age. That’s why we have a wide range of kids’ slipper socks that feature each of these benefits. From the moment they slip them on in the morning, to the moment they take them off at bedtime, these are the perfect comfy slippers to see them through.

We know it’s important to protect your kids’ feet from a young age. That’s why we have a wide range of slipper socks for kids’.

Warm Wool Kids' Slipper Socks

Children begin to show their personality from the moment they arrive. And, their slipper boots should reflect this! With a vibrant range of kids’ slipper socks ideal for all ages, including baby slippers and toddler slippers, you’ll find fun designs they’ll love! From brave firemen, to pretty flowers, and cute block colours they’ll be able to express their growing tastes! They'll thrive showing these off to their friends, family, and teachers.

What Makes Giesswein Special?

Giesswein is a family run merino wool brand. We focus on crafting shoes that bring comfort into your everyday life. From women’s slippers and men’s slippers, to trainers for kids, you'll be comfy day to night.