Men's Black Trainers

Comfortable Trainers for Men

Trainers have been an essential part of men’s wardrobes for decades now. Comfortable, fashionable, and practical you can’t go wrong with men’s trainers. From day to day wear, to smart-casual every guy needs the perfect pair of these shoes!

 Giesswein has a wide range of trainers, in lots of different colours and styles. Although originally designed for sports wear, trainers have grown in popularity among fashion wearers, especially in recent years. Whether you’re looking for a trainer style shoe, or a running shoe, Giesswein has the trainer for you.

Made from merino wool all of our trainers are temperature-regulating meaning you can wear them all year round, whether it’s boiling hot or freezing cold. With wool midsoles your feet will also be extra comfy in your new trainers!


About Giesswein Trainers

At Giesswein we create all our products with the environment in mind. We love our merino wool so much that we don’t let any of it go to waste! So you can rest assured that your new trainers haven’t harmed the environment. You’ll love them so much you’ll want all of your friends to have a pair too, so whether you’re looking for women’s trainers, kids’ trainers, or men’s trainers - we have a pair for everyone.