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Why You Need Stability Running Shoes

Stability running shoes are the ideal fitness gear to keep you upright as you run. We all know that feeling of being unbalanced on your feet when you’re trying to run. If you’re a beginner or a more experienced runner, and looking for your next pair of running shoes, choosing the right kind of stability running shoes can help you get that bit closer to reaching your personal goals.

Table of Contents:

What Are Stability Running Shoes?

Why You Need Running Shoes

8 Things to Look for in a Running Shoe

10 Benefits of Merino Wool for Running

Stay Stable with Giesswein

What Are Stability Running Shoes?

Stability running shoes are a type of men’s running shoes and women’s running shoes designed to keep you safe and secure on your feet. Having stability running shoes is beneficial to getting you started on your fitness journey. That way, you can concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other, knowing you’ll stay strong as you run. Stability running shoes are made to make getting out for some exercise that bit more reassuring. 

Why You Need Stability Running Shoes

Although you can go running in any trainers or sneakers, it’s important to have specific stability running shoes to make sure you look after your feet as you run. 

Having stability running shoes can help to keep you on track of your fitness goals without losing your footing. Having dedicated stability running shoes can reduce the impact of your steps and keep you focused on the finish line. 

learn what stability running shoes are and why you need them

8 Things to Look For in a Running Shoe

The ideal stability running shoes are designed for any running occasion, like trail running, or jogging. Whatever your pace, your trainers need to keep up with you. These are some of the qualities to prioritise when choosing your next pair of stability running shoes:

  1. Cushioning - They should be easy to move in, fit perfectly, and should preferably be cushioned running shoes. 
  2. Shock Absorption - This  type of sneaker has a thicker heel to act as  shock-absorbing shoes, minimising impact, and a thinner drop at the front to mirror the heel-to-toe movement as you run. 
  3. Stability - They should be stable running shoes with a sturdy sole to help keep you feeling solid but still light on your feet. Your stability running shoes should feel like  barefoot trainers which complement the natural feel of your feet. Think of your stability running shoes as an extension of your foot - they should make you feel as stable as when you walk barefoot. 
  4. Arch-Support - Adding an insole can help turn your stability running shoes into  arch-support sneakers for even more protection and comfort. 
  5. Water-Resistance - The best stability running shoes to choose are ones which are  water-resistant trainers that keep your feet warm and dry, so you can use them as winter running shoes. 
  6. Lightweight - Making sure your trainers allow you to be light on your feet is important to give you lightweight running shoes that boost you as you stride. Stability running shoes should keep you strong, but on your feet whatever terrain you cover. 
  7. Breathable - Stability running shoes made from flexible, breathable materials are a must so they can keep you cool while you train. At Giesswein, we’ve found the best material for stability running shoes is merino wool.

10 Benefits of Merino Wool for Running

The best stability running shoes are ones made from materials which support the foot as you run.  Merino wool is the finest and softest of many  types of wool, what’s more, it is the ideal material for stability running shoes. With many beneficial properties, merino wool sneakers can give you great footwear while you focus on your fitness. Giesswein use merino wool to make stability running shoes that are soft, stylish, and most importantly, keep you feeling anchored. As part of our  Green Strategy we’ve vowed to use only  mulesing-free merino wool, to align our products with our values of animal welfare. Some of the benefits of stability running shoes made from merino wool include:

  1. Temperature-regulating
  2. Moisture wicking
  3. Water-resistant
  4. Breathable sneaker
  5. Flexible & stretchy
  6. Antibacterial 
  7. Odour-minimising
  8. Soft & not itchy
  9. Machine-washable
  10. Durable 

All of these benefits apply to our footwear made of merino wool. You can even  wash merino wool - so if you need to give your stability running shoes a refresh, you can! These natural properties of merino wool make it the ideal material for a stability running shoe.

Stay Stable with Giesswein

At Giesswein, we’re passionate about making  sustainable shoes for every occasion. We know having uncomfortable running shoes that make you feel off balance is the last thing you want when you’re planning to get out running. That’s why we’ve created the Wool Peak, the world’s first merino wool that gives energy back to you. The midsole of this stability running shoe shields the impact of your step, giving you energy back as you run! Your feet are lightly cushioned with every step so you feel light, agile, and stable on your feet. The rubber sole provides a  slip-resistant sneaker to help you navigate your training whether on a treadmill or cross-country.

the properties of merino wool make ideal stability running shoes

This stability running shoe is designed to fit you perfectly using our special Woolfinity® feature. The twisted merino yarn means these sneakers keep you upright, light on your feet, and looking ahead. The merino wool stretches around your feet securely, so you can feel safe and firmly planted inside your trainers. The temperature-regulating properties of merino wool mean that your feet stay cosy and warm if you’re using them as  winter trainers. It also helps to keep your feet cool and dry if you’re wearing them as  summer sneakers, even when you work up a sweat, thanks to its naturally breathable properties. The merino inner lining guarantees water-resistance and moisture-wicking, which means moisture is directed away from the stability running shoe to help keep your feet dry if the rain starts. The odour-minimising quality of the Wool Peak stability running shoe also means no matter how far you take them, your  merino shoes don’t smell

With stability running shoes, you don’t need to think about your shoes, you can put one foot in front of the other, without worrying about staying upright. These stability running shoes feature a comforting rubber sole, so your feet are cushioned with every step. Be prepared for your next training session with the Giesswein Wool Peak, and see how supported you feel!

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