Why Barefoot Trainers Are Ideal for Warmer Weather

Barefoot trainers are an ideal choice of footwear year-round due to their extreme comfort. Barefoot shoes can take the form of various footwear types, but the common element which categorises them together is being lightweight, flexible and thin soled. Because of this, barefoot trainers are a popular choice and are particularly comfortable for the summer months. Whether you are strolling through the country hills on a sunny afternoon, or pacing to work to make that morning meeting. Either way, a barefoot trainer could be the perfect partner for your feet to enjoy warmer weather. If you are unfamiliar with what a barefoot trainer is, and why it can be so beneficial during summer, let us introduce you to Giesswein.



Barefoot shoes can take the form of all types of footwear from casual trainers, to everyday shoes, to comfy slippers. Barefoot trainers are commonly lightweight, thin soled and flexible. The added bonus to these shoes is that they are extremely comfortable. They provide all the essential elements of traditional trainers, yet boast the benefits of being featherweight and versatile. What so many people favour about going sockless, is the fact they offer so much room, that regular shoes don’t provide you. In other words, your feet are able to move in a very natural way. Therefore, barefoot trainers can make the perfect breathable shoes, which you can wear all day long.

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People have walked barefoot for centuries. However, with the fast paced lives so many of us experience, it may not seem safe to switch to barefoot living while surrounded by the concrete jungle. Barefoot trainers on the other hand, when we look closely, take the form of the natural curve in our feet. What this means is that you are able to experience walking more naturally. 

Comfort: One of the main reasons people favour a barefoot shoe is because they provide the ultimate comfort to your feet. The whole idea when wearing this footwear, is to feel like you are walking shoeless. Which is why the extra features that may sometimes seem restrictive in other shoes, such as hard heels, are removed. If you are not sure on how a trainer should fit comfortably, discover our helpful guide. 

Lightweight: Traditional trainers typically have ‘extra’ features such as high levels of padding. In a barefoot trainer this is removed. The weight of the trainer is then significantly reduced, making the shoe extremely lightweight to wear. The benefit of this is that they could require less muscle strength to lift your feet with every stride, allowing you to possibly travel further before becoming tired. Our lightweight shoes allow your feet to breathe and be dry all day long. Even if you decide to go barefoot! 

Improved posture: Since the addition of thick heel cushioning is removed in barefoot trainers, you may notice a difference in your walking pattern. This is because a lower heel encourages you to not lean back, which many of us naturally do to balance when the heel is elevated.

Secure To The Foot: In order for your feet to perform their best, you don't want to be worrying about sliding in your shoes. Barefoot trainers are secure to your feet so that you never have to face this issue again. This is a benefit as when you wear ill-fitting shoes, you are more likely to grip your toes to prevent you from falling forward. 


Comfortable barefoot trainers should be available for everyone to enjoy, and we love the feeling our men's trainers and women's trainers bring. Your daily walk has never been so enjoyable!

Enjoy lightweight barefoot trainers:

  • Merino Runner - Merino Runners were designed with comfort in mind. They feature an anti slip sole and our unique 3D KnitTechnology. What this means is that not only are they comfortable but they offer support to your foot, without sacrificing stability.
  • Merino Wool Knit - The Merino Wool Knit offers layers of comfort in this lightweight trainer. Using EVA soles, which are lighter and more flexible than traditional rubber soles, they are the perfect shoe to slip on in the summer months. As well as this, you have a range of colours to choose from, meaning there is an option for everyone.
  • Wool Sneaker - Our Wool Sneaker is the world's lightest merino shoe, weighing in at just 160 grams! That is about the equivalent of 120 paper clips. What makes it so light is the combination of our unique 3D KnitTechnology and EVA soles. The way the merino wool has been stretched will make you feel like you're walking barefoot! 
  • Wood Sneaker - Our comfortable Wood Sneaker is created using the sustainable material, eucalyptus wood. By using these fibres creates a cooling, breathable trainer for your feet to enjoy walking in. What's more, the fibres structure prevents bacteria from setting on the material, which means no more unpleasant odours!

Merino Runners

Merino Wool Knit

Wool Sneaker

Wood Sneaker


A common question about barefoot trainers is should you still wear socks with them? The answer is simply down to personal preference. In warmer climates, the idea of wearing socks and trainers may send shivers down your spine, with the flashback of sticky feet and unpleasant odours. You may even think that it is inevitable to suffer with sweaty feet throughout the summer, but this doesn’t have to be the case.   

Having a barefoot trainer with merino wool lining, means that moisture is wicked away from the foot efficiently. Keeping your feet dry and, more importantly, comfortable all day. As well as this, other features this wool type[a] has is temperature regulating properties. As the temperature rises outside, your feet are kept cool, thanks to the thousands of tiny air pockets within the wool’s structure. And it’s not just the summer this feature is perfect for, the effects are just as good in the winter too. Only instead of keeping your feet cool, they could be warm within your winter trainers you can’t live without. Demonstrating that even if you decide to ditch the socks, choosing breathable trainers will allow your feet to carry you in comfort.


We have all experienced the exciting feeling that comes with a new pair of shoes, you never want to take them off! But are barefoot trainers actually good to be wearing for long periods of time? The short answer is yes! Since they allow your feet the space to move as naturally as possible, which makes them a great shoes to stand all day in. For this reason, you could be comfortable throughout the day in your barefoot trainers, whatever scenic route you embark on.   


Currently run by our third generation of Giessweins, we are a wool company that operates in the heart of Austria. Specialising in merino wool products, we have men’s and women’s trainers and slippers comfortable for the whole family. What's more is that we believe in being as green as possible when creating our unique products. That’s why you won’t find any material being wasted at Giesswein. 

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