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Supportive Slippers for Elderly People & Grandparents

Slippers for elderly people are so important in ensuring they still enjoy their comfort and freedom without sacrificing on stability. The older we get, the more we rely on comfort for our feet, to see us through the whole day. There are numerous factors that you should consider when choosing your next pair of slippers for the elderly. Our guide is on hand to make the process easier, so you can provide yourself or a loved one a comfortable pair of slippers that are both warm and supportive. They even make great gifts for grandparents too! 

Table of Contents:

The Importance of Non-Slip Soles

Warm Support Slippers

Comfortable Slippers for the Elderly by Giesswein

Cosy Slipper Socks for Year Long Comfort

Why Slippers Make the Best Gift for Grandparents

Indoor Outdoor Slippers for Elderly


The Importance of Non-Slip Soles

One of the most important factors when buying  slippers for elderly people is to check the soles of the slippers. Rubber sole slippers are a great choice as they provide a supportive grip that is vital for this age category. A supportive shoe allows this age group to feel comfortable throughout the day, knowing their slippers won’t restrict them doing any activities. A good style to choose is a slipper with non-slip soles and a backing for the heel. Slip-on slippers may be easy for this generation to apply but they can slide out right underneath us. Choosing a closed toe slipper which fits snug to your foot is always a great option. 

You also need to check the condition of the soles regularly once bought, to ensure the grip is still sufficient on your slippers for the elderly. All of our slippers at Giesswein are made using our patented natural rubber sole. This means the soles of our slippers for elderly are designed to provide excellent grip against slippery surfaces. It’s not just slippers for elderly that boast these soles! Our  men’s slipperswomen’s slippers and  kids’ slippers all feature non-slip soles. Ensuring your whole family can relax and feel secure in their house shoes all day long.   

in slippers for elderly you need to make sure they have sturdy soles

Warm Support Slippers

Warm slippers are vital for anyone during the cooler weather but more so for an elderly person. You want to feel well supported all while keeping your feet cosy. Our  slippers with arch support allow just that. They help to align the foot and ankle in the right position to avoid any discomfort. Something many people don’t even realise is that they could have flat feet which means they lack a natural arch. In supportive slippers, the arch of your foot is supported with a foam insole which helps to stabilise your foot as you walk. This feature can be very beneficial in slippers for the elderly as mobility is often something that can be compromised.  

The material of slippers for the elderly can also be a deciding factor. Our slippers are all made using soft  virgin wool. Virgin wool hosts a range of benefits including being an antibacterial material. This means bacteria finds it hard to cling onto the fibre and multiply. Keeping the inside of your slippers for the elderly cleaner and more hygienic. Other benefits that this wool can provide are:

  • Breathability
  • Moisture wicking
  • Durable
  • Temperature regulating

Choosing a slipper made of virgin wool will keep your feet warm and cosy during the cooler evenings but cool and dry during the summer. Perfect for when you want to relax in the garden and admire the flowers with your morning coffee.  

slipper socks can be very comfortable for an elderly person

Comfortable Slippers for Elderly by Giesswein

Giesswein has comfort in mind for all of its footwear, especially slippers for elderly. From our men’s leather slippers to our  women’s sheepskin slippers, we have a pair to suit everybody. When deciding on your next pair there are five factors you may want to take into consideration:

  • Sturdy soles with optimum grip
  • Warm material
  • Closed toe shoe, no slip ons
  • Easy to adjust
  • Lightweight 

Having a slipper for the elderly with all these features could ensure they are well supported and comfortable.

Cosy Slipper Socks for Year Long Comfort

Giesswein have a range of slipper socks to suit this age group including  men’s slipper socks and  women’s slipper socks. Slipper socks are a hybrid of cosy socks and comfortable slippers. They provide an anti-slip sole which is a necessity on slippers for the elderly. Made from pure virgin wool, anyone's feet can stay warm inside a slipper sock, without overheating. If you are prone to experiencing sweaty feet, this will be a thing of the past, thanks to the moisture wicking element. This feature wicks excess moisture away from skin to leave it feeling soft and dry. You can even wear them without socks to really enjoy the barefoot feeling they have to offer.   

outdoor slippers are perfect for the elderly to walk outside in

Why Slippers Make the Best Gift for Grandparents

Slippers make the perfect gift for numerous people including grandparents. It is a pair of shoes that many might not buy for themselves, but are grateful when they receive them. Whether you choose a pair of  women’s cotton slippers or  men’s leather slippers, they can enjoy the comfort on their feet. The benefits of choosing to gift slippers for the elderly include:

  • Supportive shoes to wear in the house
  • Keep feet warm during the year 
  • Versatile designs for everyone to enjoy
  • Super soft material against skin 

Indoor Outdoor Slippers for Elderly

As we get older our feet become more prone to swelling which can cause some people pain or difficulty when changing footwear. Even the ability to physically change shoes can sometimes be difficult due to mobility or health issues. Having a comfortable slipper for elderly people, which is able to be used outside, means people can enjoy the best of both worlds.  Outdoor slippers provide ultimate stability without sacrificing on comfort. These are the two necessities when looking for a pair of slippers for the elderly. The sturdy soles provide protection from the uneven ground you may experience outside. Whether that is dodging sharp thorns in your garden or a rocky pavement path, having thick soles to your slippers allows your feet to be protected. They are also temperature regulating and insulating. Which is one of the five reasons  why you should be wearing slippers. Meaning you can venture outside on a cooler day to still enjoy the wonder of nature.    

Why Choose Giesswein

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