Comfy Slippers: The Next Step for Coziness

Finding the best comfy slippers can be a tricky task when there’s so many factors to consider. From sole, to footbed, to upper material, all of these things affect just how comfortable your slippers will be. We’re sharing our ultimate guide to finding the perfect comfy house shoes for you!


Obviously we’re biased and think our slippers are the most comfy of all! From our virgin wool slipper socks, to our kids’ slippers, we only use the softest materials and the best soles for the job so we know you’ll be comfy in them all day, whatever you’re doing!


Materials play a huge part in our comfort, there’s a reason we all wear soft joggers when lounging at home, rather than stiff jeans. We should have exactly the same attitude when choosing our house shoes - after all, you wouldn’t be at all cosy in slippers made from paper for instance.

Our slippers are made from virgin wool, sheepskin, and cotton. All three of these materials are super soft and have their own benefits that may weigh on your decision over what indoor footwear to go for. Virgin wool is the first wool shorn from a sheep and is the softest the sheep will ever produce, making it the perfect material for slippers! Gentle against your feet, you’ll never want to take these off! The wool is durable, breathable, and moisture wicking, taking any moisture to the surface of the slipper and keeping feet dry. With temperature regulating properties, these are the perfect cozy slippers for cold evenings! Even better, they can also be easily machine washed if they get a little dirty!

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For those looking to be extra cosy, fluffy sheepskin slippers are the best choice. Available in our women’s slipper selection, not only do they look snug and feel luxurious, but being breathable they are also temperature regulating - keeping feet warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. They’re especially warm slippers for those with cold feet! Naturally hypoallergenic sheepskin is great for those with more sensitive skin looking to be kept snug!

If you think more of a lightweight slipper be your key to unlocking cosiness, then cotton slippers could be the ones for you! Like wool, and sheepskin, cotton also has insulating properties making it great year round. As it is soft and stretches easily, it can move easily with your foot providing maximum comfort.

So whether it be cotton, sheepskin, or virgin wool slippers, our materials are designed to give you the most comfy experience ever.


One large part of ensuring optimum comfort in your slippers, is what style you opt for. Different people prefer different types of slipper, for example those with particularly cold feet may opt for a slipper boot that covers the entire foot, whereas those who prefer something they can easily put on and off may choose a slip-on slipper. Luckily for you, we have a large range of styles, with something perfect for everyone!

We recommend spending some time thinking about exactly what shape of slipper you want. Think about how you plan on wearing them around the house, do you plan to only pop them on when nipping outside to put the bins out, or do you want something you can wear morning to night without needing to think about it? Choosing a slipper with the right functionality is essential to being super comfy, whatever you’re doing!


Like fabric, soles also add to the overall comfort of our slippers. From rubber, to arch supports, to anti slip soles, there’s lots of things to think about when choosing the ultimate pair! Our slippers come with either a rubber or leather sole. Rubber soles are great all-rounders, coming in different thicknesses, we even have some slippers suitable for quick trips into the garden! Better yet, they have anti-slip technology to ensure slips and slides are kept to a minimum. Leather soles are softer, especially when used as a midsole. The leather can mold slightly to the shape of your foot, providing unique comfort just for you!

A lot of us need a little aid when it comes to making our feet feel good, this is where arch support slippers come in. These contain a sole with a raised area underneath our natural foot arch. This can help align our feet in the right position and take strain off subsequent joints potentially easing aches!

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Giesswein is a third generation family business from Austria, specialising in wool products. From wool trainers, to slippers for men, women, and children, we’ve got the perfect items to keep you snug at home and beyond. We try to limit our impact on the environment as much as possible, so none of the material we use goes to waste. We even recycle 90% of the water we use!

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