How to Choose the Best Outdoor Slippers

Outdoor slippers allow you to enjoy all your space at home with ease. Whilst spending time at home, it’s essential that we have the best slippers. This could mean finding slippers that work both inside and outside to avoid switching throughout the day. Here’s what you should be looking for in outdoor slippers.



A modern lifestyle requires  slippers that can do it all. Whether you want to stay warm inside the house, or having your morning coffee in the garden, your slippers should work for your needs. Discover the top five features of an outdoor slipper you need when choosing the best indoor outdoor slippers for you. Whether you need  men’s slippers or  women’s slippers, these 9 features include:

  1. Comfort
  2. Warmth 
  3. Temperature-regulation 
  4. Appropriate sole 
  5. Arch support
  6. Easy to wash
  7. Water resistance 
  8. Antibacterial fabric
  9. Moisture-wicking


It may be obvious to say, but ensuring your slippers are comfortable is so important. At Giesswein, we’ve got that covered. All of our footwear are designed to care and comfort your foot, especially our  comfy slippers. Thanks to the soft materials used in their design, you won’t want to take them off. 

No matter your foot-type, we can help. If you’re relaxing at home and need to stay toasty, or have foot pain that you want to avoid, choosing your next pair of outdoor slippers is easy. Find  comfortable slippers for plantar fasciitis or plush outdoor slippers for your every need.


Warm feet can make all the difference to your comfort on a cold winter’s night. Insulating material can help you enjoy your outside space throughout the colder months. One material that offers these insulating properties is wool, whether it be  virgin wool or another  type of wool. Choosing outdoor slippers made from these materials is one way to get the most from your cozy footwear. 

At Giesswein, we make our outdoor slippers from virgin wool. This is the softest wool that can be taken from a sheep and so will keep your feet both comfy and cozy. The insulating nature of outdoor slippers makes them some of our  warmest slippers for cold feet


The outside is to be enjoyed all year round, come sunshine or snow. Whilst we can easily keep our houses at a comfortable temperature it can be more tricky keeping cozy outside. Ensuring your outdoor slippers are made from a temperature-regulating material which can adapt to how hot your feet or the surroundings are.

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Temperature-regulating material is an ideal property to have in house shoes and outdoor slippers. They are designed to keep you warm in winter and cool as  summer slippers - allowing you to enjoy what each season has to offer. Virgin wool helps us create  slippers for year long comfort, for indoors or out. Wherever you’re spending your time, temperature-regulating outdoor slippers will keep your feet comfortable no matter the weather. 


Outdoor slippers need to have an appropriate sole for your outdoor use. Whether this is on a lawn, path, or sidewalk is up to you. A study sole will help to elevate your foot and keep you dry. Different  types of slippers are better suited to help you navigate the world outside the house. Whilst we can predict what debris may be lying around our house, it’s a little more difficult to know what our feet may come into contact with outside.  Rubber soled slippers provide an ideal base for making the occasional trip outside. A cork base to your slipper will provide thermal-insulating protection under your feet for a cold day or walk along to post the mail.


Even if you wear your  house shoes inside, instead of as outdoor slippers, they are sure to need a refresh every now and again. Wearing outdoor slippers can mean they get a little dirty from time to time. However, with  washable slippers this isn’t something you need to worry about! Whether you like taking autumn strolls in your garden that lead to some unexpectedly muddy trails, or your  kids’ slippers become a little mucky at playtime, they should be easily cleaned. By choosing outdoor slippers that are easily washable, dirt is a thing of the past! Our range of slippers are all machine washable. Letting your outdoor slippers feel as good as new!


Whether you’re wearing your outdoor slippers to send some mail, take out the garbage, or water the plants, staying dry is important. Therefore, another aspect to consider for your outdoor slippers is whether they’re water resistant. Choosing a pair of  eco slippers made from a material which keeps them dry means you’ll get to enjoy them for longer. 

If you walk over wet grass or dewy paths then this is particularly important. Different materials have different levels of water resistance, for instance  leather slippers are extremely water resistant due to the nature of leather. Certain types of wool, like  boiled wool, are also water repellant, keeping your feet free of moisture. When looking at outdoor slippers you need to decide what level of water-resistance you’re looking for and what material will offer this for you.


Indoor or outdoor slippers need to support your foot’s natural shape. Having  slippers with arch support can help to promote good posture and mobility. If you will be wearing them for long periods of time, having outdoor slippers which offer arch support is a must-have. Our  men’s arch support slippers, and  women’s arch support slippers make a fabulous choice for outdoor wear due to their sturdy soles that support your feet as you walk. Stay comfortable all day long in indoor or outdoor slippers which take care of your feet while you wear them. 


Keeping feet healthy is a number one priority when choosing slippers. Opting for outdoor slippers made from an  antibacterial fabric can help you do just this. We never know what germs or bacteria we may come into contact with when outside, and fabrics like  boiled wool can help to fight these off naturally. Your new outdoor slippers will work to keep your feet feeling healthy, wherever they take you. What’s more, the antibacterial nature of virgin wool can help to give you  slippers that don’t smell!

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Another quality that Giesswein outdoor slippers benefit from is  moisture wicking. This is when the material pushes water droplets and moisture to the outside of the material, away from your foot or skin. With outdoor slippers which may come across a damp path or dewy grass, this is essential. It’s also important for your  house shoes to have this quality, because even sweaty feet need moisture wicking slippers! Thanks to its natural benefits, Giesswein’s wool slippers are moisture-wicking, meaning your outdoor slippers can do their very best at keeping your feet dry and cosy. 


We have a variety of slippers available, with many suitable for use outside. Made from a range of cotton and virgin wool there’s a great slipper for every occasion. If you’re looking for something that will keep your feet warm in the winter then our slippers socks are perfect, with  slipper socks for men women’s slipper socks, and  kids’ slipper socks there’s a pair for everyone. Stay warm and toasty as a family all season long with outdoor slippers or indoor house shoes. If slipper socks aren’t quite your thing then we have a variety of other types from slip-ons, to outdoor slippers. No matter the occasion, or how often you pop outside in your slippers, Giesswein have the perfect slippers for you. 


We are a third generation family business designing comfortable footwear for the whole family with a focus on sustainability. We use our  Green Strategy to align our products like our  men’s sports shoes and  women’s sports shoes with our values for animal welfare and trading lightly on the planet.

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